We believe that if everyone experienced what it feels like to truly be fit, they would never stop exercising. The majority of people never get to this point simply due to a lack of structure and extremely limited exercise and nutrition knowledge.

It is our mission at DNA to ensure everyone that joins our facility has the best chance at obtaining their goals. Our Health Centre team lead our clients down the road to success through the following FREE services:

Body Composition and Needs Analysis

One of our certified health professionals will look into your lifestyle habits, medical needs, injuries, past exercise history, as well as your nutritional needs and requirements. We will establish your current physical condition in terms of body fat percentage, measurements, VO2 max, lean muscle mass, posture, strength, flexibility and basal metabolic rate.

Together we will set up your ultimate health and fitness goals and discuss the quickest, safest and most realistic ways of achieving them.

Your results and goals will be kept on file at the club for your review anytime. As long as you remain a member you can have this process repeated every 60 days free of charge at your request. This will help to ensure you stay on track and accountable. Seeing your numbers and percentages improve will help you to keep your motivation levels high as you work towards obtaining all your important goals.

Equipment Demonstration and Program Recommendations

One of our elite certified personal trainers will take you through various exercises based on your fitness level. The goal here is to ensure you understand proper isolation and muscle contraction, breathing, time under tension, heart rate, as well as rest time between sets. Safety is important as nobody wants to get injured and have to put their goals on hold.

The fact that everyone’s body type is different means the exercise principles that are used must be suited specifically to each individual. We will also review the diversity level of a client’s exercise knowledge to make sure adaptation will not be an issue.

During and after this demonstration we will be making recommendations regarding the right exercise program needed to ensure your success.



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